Thru the eyes of a photographer

The people who make up today’s thriving photographic community are our eyes to the world. Whether established artists and passionate voices, they inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, they put our world in the broader context of history.

So  I ask Eduard Labuschagne one of the many photographers and photo editors who have influenced and inspired me over my last years in this industry – to answer these essential questions: Why do he do it? Why do he wake up every morning ready to take photographs, to edit them, to publish them? Why is photography important to him ?

Here is his answers to me.

Love to take photo’s of people to show them the beauty they have. To be able to help people to tell the stories of there life’s journey . In a deeply personal way I feel an image is a poem about time, about “staying the moment.” Photography can defeat time. Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to tragedy or joy. They can also change behavior, stimulate understanding and create a sense of urgency that will move people to action. Photography is the universal language that speaks to the heart.

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands in their pocket. Weightless, they turn the scale when the argument is: What happened here? Images don’t age or warp. A great photographer’s strings never go out of tune.

It is for this reason that we need photographer. I am the witnesses and artists who can distill the mayhem and beauty that surrounds you. I call our attention to the things you miss in our everyday lives and I call our attention to events and people at a great distance from your own patch of adventure . When I direct our eyes and hearts with precision and honesty, we know what we know differently and better. Photographers teach us to look again, look harder. Look through my eyes.

Then it became this porter or ablem of memories to remember you and your life journey that you can sure with everyone. Photography speaks. When I discovered and later understood photographic visual language, I saw that this language could inform, educate and move audiences worldwide without the need for a shared spoken language. A successful photo story, when well-authored and edited, is universally understood.

Photographer are the dedicated, passionate, to show us what needs to be seen, what needs to be known. I can think of no greater honor nor privilege than to have lived a life surrounded by images and the amazing individuals who create them and share them with your family and friends.

I believe in light. Photography is light. That light is often shined into the darkest of places by the world’s bravest and most talented photographers.  I intend to continue nurturing, encouraging, supporting, helping, counselling, appreciating and celebrating with people . I believe in its power. That can change why we look at yourself and to others I belief in the storytelling of a persona.

I believe it’s incredibly important for photographers to document everyday life and special moments of life and even sometimes the seemingly mundane, not just for a better understanding of our times, but for individuals in the future to be able to reflect on who they are and how they got there. A photograph is particularly powerful because it is accessible to most of humanity. There is no language barrier in photography.